Samsung has been providing products for more than seventy years. Throughout these years, it has been dedicated to making the world a better place through the diverse products that they provide. The flag ship company of Samsung is Samsung Electronics and it is a market leader in the industry of high tech electronics as well as digital media. It achieved that through reliable products and innovative services. Samsung is widely known for its TVs, smart phones & tablets and digital cameras. When it comes to digital cameras, Samsung offers a wide array of models and types to satisfy the need of different photographers. So whether you are a professional photographer who is looking for a professional camera or an amateur traveler who is looking for a compact pocket camera, you will find these all at Samsung through this website.

Samsung’s cameras are known for their distinguished features and advanced technologies. For example, Samsung is known for its smart cameras such as Samsung Galaxy Camera Ek-gc. This camera actually runs on an Android operating system, Version 4.1 Jellybean. This is the same operating system and software that Samsung Galaxy smart phones and tablets run on. This camera has a touch operated LCD screen where you can view the images as well as accessing the internet through Wi-Fi or 3G. There is also a myriad of apps that you can download. Therefore, in simpler words, it is a smart phone and a professional digital camera, all in one.

Other memorable digital cameras include the Samsung NX1000, which comes with a resolution of 20.3 megapixel, which is one of the highest MP counts on the market. This camera brings perfection and style together. This camera has a 1/4000 fast camera shutter and a built in WiFi receiver to enable users to share and comment on pictures online and through social networks. The 20.3 megapixel APS C sensor is costumed to work with the NX system. The images that are taken through this CMOS sensor can easily rival the ones that are taken by any premium digital SLR camera. Each single pixel has a large area and receives a lot of light, which guarantees low level of noise, top-notch color differentiation and a high dynamic range. The camera also allows for 1080 p full HD video recording with high quality stereo sound. This way, the sound will meet the level of quality of the picture.

Last but not least, there is the Samsung WB150F Smart Wi-Fi Digital Camera that is able to take high quality images in any circumstances, whether indoors or outdoors. The CCD sensor (14.2 MP) of the camera is designed to attract more light to make for perfect exposure in any lighting condition. It also comes with a very advanced 18x zoom lens (Schneider-KREUZNACH) which helps users in taking perfect shots from a far distance. Lastly, it has WiFi Connectivity, which allows for easy sharing and viewing of images online and on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

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