Canon is, without a doubt, one of the oldest and the biggest brands when it comes to digital cameras and photography. Canon has been around for more than seventy years as it was founded back in 1937 and it is headquartered in Tokyo Japan. Canon has been serving the needs of professional and amateur photographers for many years which means that it has years of experience under its belt. This is why it is able to satisfy photographers’ every need. Canon achieves that by offering the most advanced technologies and the most innovative features. It is known for being the first manufacturer that debuts great features and technologies in the market. This is why there are millions of people around the world who are committed to the Canon brand and they never think of buying any other brand.

Whether you are looking for a point and shoot camera, a waterproof camera or a professional digital SLR camera, you will find what you need at Canon. Some of Canon’s top models include the Canon PowerShot 8602B001, which is a simple point and shoot camera. This camera has a resolution of 16 MP. It has a sleek and a small stylish design that enables users to carry the cameras with them anywhere so they can easily whip it out to take photos or a HD video. It has a powerful optical zoom of 8x with a wide angle lens of 28 mm. This helps users to take close up shots of far away objects or group photos.

Canon is also known for its innovative EOS mode that helps users in using the camera for a longer time by reducing the consumption of the power and the battery. This way, the camera will not run out of batteries while you are taking important shots. It achieves that by putting the camera into sleep mode moments after being idle and it will be functional again as soon as the camera button is clicked. Canon cameras also come with a dedicated video button. This button will enable users to easily change the mode of the camera from still photos to video in no time, unlike other cameras where users have to go into the settings to change the mode. This way, if any worthy moment needs video capturing, it will not be missed as you can change to video mode in a heartbeat.

Some Canon D SLR cameras such as the EOS Rebel T3i come with the Intelligent Scene Analysis system. This system analyzes the scene that you are trying to shoot and it will automatically set the best settings for the exposure to guarantee the maximum exposure to guarantee the high quality of the pictures. Another feature of the EOS Rebel T3i Canon camera is its flexibility in terms of memory cards and storage. This is due to the fact that the digital camera is compatible with different memory cards such as SDXC, SDHC and SD cards among other types of memory cards.

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