If you are searching for a digital camera, you will be astonished by the great selection of brands available. These brands include some of the biggest names in the electronics industry. These brands include Samsung, Fuji, Canon, Olympus, Polaroid, Nikon, Sony and more. Some of them made their names in the digital camera industry such as Cannon, Fuji and Nikon. Of course, all of these brands offer a great selection of digital cameras with different models. This is why there is no brand that is better than the other, as each brand has countless of models. In order to find the camera you need, you will have to check more than one camera by each brand to compare the features that they offer.

Samsung is a leading name in the electronics industry that is known for its mobiles, TVS and digital cameras. One of the highly rated digital cameras that you can find on this website is the Samsung Galaxy Camera Ek-gc100. This camera has the same model brand as the Samsung Galaxy smart-phone, which is not without reason. This is because this camera is an Android digital camera that runs on the Jelly Bean Android OS. It has a very compact design, 16.3 megapixels and 21x optical zoom. It also comes with the ability to connect to the internet through 3G and Wi-Fi.

Fuji is one of the electronic manufactures that specialize in cameras. One of its highly rated camera products is the Fujifilm X20 12 MP. It is clear from its name that it has a resolution of 12 megapixels. This Fuji camera features a big 2/3 inch MP CMOS II sensor. This means that it has the same features and design architecture of the higher-grade sensors that can be found in the Fuji flagship model, the FUJIFILM X-Pro1. It also has the BSI technology that helps it to incorporate phase detection pixels into the array without having to affect the performance of the sensitivity.

Nikon is also one of the largest brands that specialize in the production of cameras. One of its models is the Nikon D3100 14.2MP, which is a DSLR camera that has 14.2 MP resolution. Apart from its ability to take crystal clear photos, it enables users to shoot amazing Full High definition movies in 1080 pixels with sound and all time auto-focus. The photos that are taken using this camera can be printed in 20 x 30 inches or more without compromising its quality.

Olympus is another brand that is known for its quality and durability. The best example is the Olympus Digital Camera TG-820. This camera is waterproof as it can go up to 33 feet under water. It is also shockproof as it can fall from 6.6 ft and work fine, it is dust proof and it will not get damaged from dust or sand and lastly, it is freeze proof as it can work well in 14 degrees F. All of this makes it the best traveling companion, wherever you are going.

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