Fujifilm is known for creating innovative products and delivering state of the art effective solutions in numerous fields, digital camera is its major production line. Fujifilm is known for the products that serve society, enhance the sustainability of the environment as well as contribute to increase the quality of life. Fuji usually satisfies the needs of photographers whether they are professional ones or amateur family users, there is a Fujifilm digital camera for everyone. Fujifilm was established in 1934 as a pioneering photography and filmmaker in Japan. Since then, Fujifilm has been growing exponentially until it became one of the market leaders in the industry of photography and film-making. It has made its presence known in terms of innovation in graphic arts, highly functional materials and health care among other fields.

It offers some of the best cameras in the industry such as the Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR. This camera offers users great versatility and high optical quality. It is good for photographers who are not big fans of changing the lens of their DSLR but they still need to have total control over the images which they shoot. It also comes packed with great features and advanced options such as the 16 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor. It also comes with an outstanding lens that has the ability to catch close ups with a 30x optical zoom capability. As for videos, it can shoot full HD videos in 1080p mode.

Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR is another highly rated digital SLR camera by Fujifilm. It comes with a manual zoom through the camera’s barrel. The wide angle lens is 24 mm and it allows up to 30x telephoto optical. This zoom range is easily handled by twisting the barrel of the lens, which gives users intuitive control as well as speedy lens zoom change. Another option for the zoom is to use the intelligent 60x zoom. This is equivalent to 1440 mm focal length. Apart from its ability to magnify the picture, the sensor (EXR), intelligently minimizes the level of noise in the flat areas of the picture and it also enhances and sharpens the contrast in the areas on the edges in order to produce high quality images with natural clarity & crispness. It is a known fact that long telephoto shots suffer from the shakiness of the camera as well as the movement of the target. This can ruin the quality of the images, as the results are always blurry. This Fujifilm camera has the perfect solution for that as it comes with the effective CMOS lens shifter and the ISO stabilization system that will make sure that the images produced are of high quality and free of blur event while using the 30x zoom. The features of these two cameras show how innovative Fujifilm cameras can be.

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