Olympus is arguably one of the best and the most famous digital camera brands in the world. It has built its reputation due to its high quality cameras, camcorders and DSLR cameras. It is a brand that is in the same league as other leading camera manufacturers such as Nikon, Canon or Samsung among others. It is characterized by its innovative products, feature filled cameras and the durability of its products. All of this helped it in being a great name in the digital camera industry. If you are thinking and contemplating whether you should buy an Olympus camera or no, the answer is pretty simple, a definite yes. This is because of the great variety of cameras that Olympus offers and the quality of images and videos that these cameras can take. You will find plenty of these cameras on our website.

Two of the best Olympus cameras that come in a compact design are the Olympus FE-300 and the Olympus Stylus 1200. These cameras come with a 12.0 MP resolution and come with a sensor image detector of 12.4 million. The features that are offered by these cameras are phenomenal and quite exceptional. If you are looking for the cheaper choice, then the Olympus FE-300 is the way to go as it has a price tag that is under 100. Although it has a cheap price, it comes equipped with more features that you could need. It has 4x digital zoom, auto focus and a built in flash. It also has auto modes, red eye reduction and 48 MB of internal memory. On the other hand, if you are looking for higher quality and more fancy features, you should go with the other camera, the Olympus Stylus 1200. This one is priced around 200 dollars and it has auto focus with 5x digital zoom. It also has auto modes, a built in flash, red eye reduction.

Olympus also has a wide variety of heavy duty cameras that can be used under tough weather condition. For example, the Olympus TG-820 camera. It has a 12 MP resolution as it is not only shock proof, as it is also freeze proof and water proof. It can take falls from up to 6.6 feet, it can work in a freezing temperature, down to 14°F and it can go up to 33 feet under the surface of the water. Beside all of that, the camera is crush proof, which means that it can withstand pressure. It can withstand up to 100kg on top of it. This is due to its double layer construction that it uses. These layers include a very lightweight and a tough polycarbonate resin layer and its outer metal frame. This way, the camera and the LCD screen will fully function and it will not break if the camera is left anywhere, even under 200 lbs of pure pressure. This is a function that can’t be found in most cameras, which shows the innovative ideas of Olympus cameras.

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