There are numerous moments in our lives that we would like to capture, this way, those moments will never be forgotten. The best way to capture these memories and the precious moments is to use a camera to take a photo or a video. By do so, if we ever forget these wonderful moments, we can recollect those memories once again with photographs and videos.

Digital cameras used to be expensive and were only used by professional photographers because those were complicated to use. This is not the case anymore as there are many digital cameras that can be bought under $200 and even under $100, these are called budget cameras which are easy to use. These come equipped with the most basic features that will enable you to take quality photos and videos. Apart from the price, there are different camera types, each type has its own use and its own purpose. These types include pocket cameras, point and shoot cameras, standard digital cameras, DSLR cameras, waterproof cameras and etc. In addition, there are various brands such as Samsung, Nikon, Panasonic and Canon among others. You can find all of these types and brands on our website, so in order to help you understand each type before making a purchase, we are going to discuss all of these different types and brands in details.

Different Types of Digital Cameras

Point and Shoot Cameras

These are also known as “Compact Cameras”. It is a still camera that is designed for simple operations. Most of these cameras use an auto focus or a focus free lens for focusing. These also come with automatic systems that help to set the options for the picture exposure as well as a built in flash. Due to its simplicity, it is arguably the best selling kind of digital cameras.

Waterproof Cameras

These cameras are designed in order to withstand interaction with water. These cameras are designed to be totally submerged underwater to take underwater photos and there are others that are designed in order to operate in wet weather conditions on land. Some of these cameras can also be shock proof and these can be resistant to freezing temperatures also.

Digital SLR Cameras

These are also known as DSLR cameras, which stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. These are digital cameras that provides photographers with everything they might need. It combines the single-lens reflex camera components (SRL) with a digital camera, which means that it will no longer use a photographic film as it can take digital photos. This is why this camera is dedicated to professional photographers rather than amateur users.

Pocket Cameras

Pocket cameras are small compact cameras that are designed to be the same size of a cell phone so these can fit in your pocket. Most of them are so basic and these can even have the same shape of the mobile.

Digital Camera for Kids

There are many children out there who like to take photos and have fun, but they cannot use the adult cameras because they are complicated and can be easily broken. This is why there are digital cameras for kids that are reasonably priced, more durable, simpler and have less features than the expensive adult cameras.

Samsung DV300F
Samsung DV300F
Wireless Enabled
1.5 Inch Dual LCD
Black Camera (EC-DV300FBPBUS)

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7K
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7K
Nano Surface Coating Lens
7.5x Intelligent Zoom
10.1 MP Digital Camera

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Different Digital Camera Brands

You will find plenty of camera brands on this website, this includes the following top and leading brands in the industry :


Fuji is a market leader when it comes to cameras. Fuji has a great selection of digital cameras that can be found on this website such as the Fuji-film X20 12 MP and the Fuji-film XF1/Brown 12MP.


Samsung is one of the oldest and well reputed manufacturers in the electronics industry, although its main focus at the moment is tablets and mobile phones, it still has a memorable and an exquisite collection of digital cameras. Samsung is also known for its durable products. For example, Samsung has cameras that are shockproof, waterproof and freeze proof. This means that it can withstand any kind of conditions and weather.


Polaroid is a brand that specialized in advanced cameras. One of its most distinguished features is that it offers cameras that can print instant photos on 3 x 4 inches Zinc paper.

Canon PowerShot SX260
Canon PowerShot SX260
20X Optimal Zoom
12.1 MP CMOS sensor
with GPS tracker

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Sony DSC-RX100
Sony DSC-RX100
F1.8 Carl Zeiss
Vario-Sonnar T Lens
with 3.6x zoom 20.2 MP CMOS

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Budget Cameras

This is one of the specialties of this website as there are many people out there looking for a good digital camera under a certain budget. On this website, they will find a great selection of high quality cameras that will fit in their budget. They will not have to sacrifice quality to get a lower priced camera as these budget cameras enable them to take high quality photos and offers them great features.

Digital Cameras under $100

Some might believe that any digital camera under $100 would be a camera that will take low quality pictures. Of course, you will not find fancy features or state of the art advanced exposure settings but it will have all of the needed features and capabilities to take good quality images and videos. Examples of cameras under $100 that you can find here are Canon PowerShot A2300, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 and Canon PowerShot A3400.

Digital Cameras under $200

If you are looking for a higher category of budget cameras that come with great features, you will be treated with a wonderful selection of digital cameras that come with a price tag under $200. You will find different brands and different types of cameras that fall under this category. These cameras include Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H90 16.1 MP and Panasonic DMC-FH25K 16.1MP among others.

Nikon COOLPIX P510
Nikon COOLPIX P510
16.1 MP CMOS
42x Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens
with GPS record

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Canon PowerShot SX260
Canon PowerShot SX260
20x Optical Zoom 4x Digital Zoom
80x Combined Zoom

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All of this makes it clear that this website is the best place for professional photographers or amateurs to find the best digital camera. Whether they are looking for a simple digital camera or a professional DSLR camera, whether they are looking for an expensive camera or a budget camera, all can be found under one roof at this website.