Polaroid is a trusted international brand that has been around for more than seventy-five years. It is known for being a pioneer manufacturer in instant photography. Although its main product line is photography, throughout the past few years, Polaroid has expanded and it is now a world leader in numerous consumer electronics including tablets and phones among others. So whenever you buy a Polaroid product, especially digital cameras, you know that you are buying experience and innovation all in one. Polaroid also covers all types of digital camera to satisfy the different needs of different customers. Some customers would be looking for high end DSLR cameras that are intended for professionals, they will find something to their liking at Polaroid. On the other hand, customers who are looking for a simple camera that they can take with them to a party, a wedding or a vacation will also find something to their liking. Through this website, you will find a great array and a wonderful selection of Polaroid cameras that you can choose from.

For example, you will find the Polaroid CTA-1455T 14MP camera. From its name, it is clear that it has a 14 MP resolution. The CTA-1455T is a point and shoot camera, so you can expect all of the basic features plus some advanced ones to be present. This camera will make you able to take stylish and high quality pictures. The 14 megapixel resolution is perfect for capturing and printing large images and portrait photos of landscape, friends and family. The camera offers users thirty different scene modes so you can easily choose the perfect mode for the scene that you are trying to capture. It also uses blink and smile detection as well as face tracking. The camera also allows for video recording with great audio. As for the storage, users can use SDHC or SD memory cards as well as the 64 MB built in storage that is available in the camera. Users can easily view images, delete or edit images through the LCD display that is distinguished by its bright colors.

There is also the Polaroid 5.1 MP digital camera , which is a much more simpler camera that is dedicated to amateur users who do not need any complicated settings or fancy features. This camera comes with a 2 inch TFT LCD screen, 4x digital zoom and a self timer. It comes with 16 MB of built in memory and it is also compatible with SD memory cards to expand the internal storage.

One of the most unique cameras by Polaroid is the Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera. This camera does not only allow for high quality images but it gives users the chance to instantly print these images in high quality. All of the prints are in full color and those prints are are tear resistant, water resistant and smudge resistant. The images are printed on a 3 x 4 inch Zinc Paper of the highest quality. It features 14 MP resolution lens sensor and a 2 inch LCD screen with bright colors.